Pottery in The South Troy Arts District

Troy has a long-standing history with pottery going back to the 18th century.

The tradition continues — a new clay studio Monroe ClayWorks located at 10 Monroe Street, Troy, New York.

Monroe Clay Works is a pottery teaching studio, firing center and regional gathering place for potters and sculptors. Everyone interested in clay work is welcome at Monroe Clay Works.

Handbuilding and wheel throwing class sessions are ongoing. Private classes are also available.

Monroe Clay Works has 8 potters wheels, a Brent slabroller, a NorthStar extruder and 4 electric kilns.

In addition to the teaching studio there are monthly Second Saturday mini-workshop demonstrations and Firing Fridays (alternating month pit or raku firings) which are open to everyone for a nominal fee.

Monroe Clay Works also has three shows/sales per year which are scheduled in May, September and December. Membership at Monroe Clay Works is available on a monthly or on-going basis.