Capturing rhythm of dementia – Times Union

Capturing rhythm of dementia – Times Union.

Julia Soto Lebentritt, of Troy, author of “As Long As You Sing, I’ll Dance,” a book that helps caregivers connect with people with dementia. (Photo courtesy of Lebentritt)

Reception Fredda Merzon & Brian McCandless 9/20 @ Carmen’s Café!

Reception Fredda Merzon & Brian McCandless 9/20

Meet the Artists Featured at Carmen’s Cafe. See Works by Brian McCandless and Fredda Merzon.

Fredda Merzon’s Iron Flower Designs: Botanically inspired metal sculptures from repurposed objects.

Artist’s Reception Fredda Merzon & Brian McCandless Thu, 9/20, 5-8 PM

TN3 Todd Nelson Trio @ Carmen’s Café!

TN3 Todd Nelson Trio « Welcome to Carmen’s Café!.

Todd Nelson brings Impeccable Jazz and Snappy Hats to Carmen’s this Friday, September 14

Todd Nelson Trio TN3 mixes elements of jazz, rock and electronics, playing original songs and new arrangements of unusual covers, including pop, folk and gospel and any other genre signified by the muse.

The music of TN3 is improvisational but not noise; exploratory in texture and sound but melodic; arranged but open-ended; structured while embracing the random; aware of the past without repeating it; unafraid of space, subtlety or beauty, and it rocks.